Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple iPad in the news today

I have been reading about Apple's cool new tablet device for a long time now, and most of the rumors sounded pretty cool. Today I got to read legit information about it, see pics, videos, and all that good stuff, and man am I disappointed. It's literally a ginormous iPod touch/iPhone. It has no camera (I gotta say video chatting with that thing in hand would have been cool!), you have to pay way more just to have 3G, and storage space is pretty low. One cool feature is that it has e-reading, but I can't see that being better than the Kindle since it isn't e-ink, so it would be pretty strenuous on the eyes. As much as I want to buy every single new tech device that comes out, I'm definitely holding off on this one and don't expect to buy it in the future.

Most of my professors don't allow computers in class, so I've spent the last few hours typing up my hand-written notes. My handwriting is so awful I feel like I'm looking at hieroglyphics, most of the time I've spent is on deciphering this strange code that I write in. Is that an a? Who knows

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Highlights from the past few weeks

Our holiday break started off at Elliott's grandfather's girlfriend's daughter's (Elliott has an odd family) holiday party back in December. It was a really fun night with presents, strong drinks, and excellent food. These get-togethers are always filled with interesting conversation and a lot of laughs. It felt good to be home.

We also brought Zeus to my house for a few days and it turns out Zeus, Ellie, and Wrigley really like eachother! It took a little bit of adjusting but Zeus started to fit right in. My parents also started to fall in love with him :). There were a couple snow storms while we were home and a lot of snow accumulated. Zeus had a hard time walking through and usually ended up with tons of snow on his face.

My mom also gave Elliott his birthday present that she had been slaving over for weeks. She put together scraps of his old boxers that had funny prints on them. They were always an inside joke between me and Elliott; I would always wonder which funny ones he had on. I ended up giving all of them names! This is one of the best quilts she has ever made and it will be cherished by me and Elliott forever. Thanks mom.

It felt good to be back into the city. We had so much fun home for the holidays but we are both ready to get back into our routine. When we got home from Connecticut all Zeus wanted to do was lounge around...I have no idea why he thought this was comfortable.

This picture is just so cute...every time we blow up the air mattress he thinks it is his own!

This is the newest addition to our apartment. We bought Zeus this gigantic pillow which is probably meant for a dog triple his size. He just sinks into it and passes out for hours!