Thursday, December 24, 2009


These past few days have been really fun even though work has been pretty slow because of the holidays. On Tuesday I came home to find dumplings cooking and SURPRISE! Ariella, Elliott's sister, aka my future sister-in-law (yay) was sleeping over!!! I don't think I have ever been that surprised or excited to see someone!! It is so much fun having sleepovers in the middle of the week. It makes me feel all giddy inside much like I felt when my mom would allow me to have a sleepover on a school night. Anyways she is just adorable and I love her!


I was really early to work this morning so I thought to myself "I haven't had a bagel in a while...I am going to get a bagel". I was really excited about getting one and thought really hard about what kind (whole wheat), what kind of cream cheese (vegetable), and whether I wanted it toasted (yes). I pay for my bagel and head up to my desk to eat it. I open the tinfoil to see that my bagel is BLACK...burned to a crisp! I thought why in the world would the bagel toasting lady think that I would want my bagel this way? Why wouldn't she just admit she failed and make a new one? I mean I still ate it (of course).

*note: this is not actually my bagel or my eye. this image is from google and by the looks of it she wasn't too happy with her bagel either.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Most people who know me would probably say that I am a 30 year old stuck in a 22 year old's body. I never really enjoyed the things most people my age would be doing. I never saw college as a time to "party" and "let loose". I never really liked staying out late to go drinking with friends. I always just preferred to be home doing my own thing or lounging around with Elliott.

In college I often felt out of place and was never able to contribute to conversations that started with "I can't STAND my boyfriend". I never felt the need to brag about the special things Elliott had done to other people because I was (am) genuinely happy and confident about my life and where it is going. I think my parents wish I "let loose" more in college but I know they know this is who I am and they wouldn't want me to be any other way.

Most people would say I got engaged too soon or think it is crazy that Elliott and I have been so serious about each other for so many years. To be honest, I don't really care and I cannot wait for the rest our lives. In a way I wish I could fast forward 5 or 6 years because I know how amazing our lives will be then. I know I should be enjoying right now but I can't help getting so excited about what is to come. I can't wait to show the world what Elliott and I are capable of...individually and together.

Watch out we come!

Monday, December 21, 2009


I am so excited that Elliott is done with his first semester at law school. I can finally watch tv now! I have so many shows to catch up on! He is really worried about the results (which he won't get back until next semester) but I am so proud of him either way.

For the past month or so Zeus has decided that laying on our heads is a really comfortable place to sit and sleep. He seems to like my head/pillow better (maybe it is because I have A LOT more hair than Elliott). I absolutely love how he curls up on my pillow with me at night until I wake up in the middle of the night to him sprawled out across the whole pillow snoring heavily. I have finally gotten used to Elliott's heavy breathing but now I have to deal with Zeus!

I try to wake him up and get him to stop but its not like I can ask him politely to stop snoring or turn over. It would be a lot harder to deal with if he didn't look so cute!

All Done!

YES. Done with semester one at law school, think it went well, guess I'll know for sure when i get my grades. Went out for the first time this semester to meet up with kids from school, was fun, had a good time at the bar. Chipotle for dinner, so good!

Wow, Zeus was just pooping and I had to de-attach one of his poops from a hair he digested (thanks for that one josie!). Well, that was exciting. No night is complete until you've de-attached dog poop from a dog's butt. Yea, so good. Oh he's pooping again, better go get that! That dog knows how to poop.

Anyways, bout to play some Assassin's Creed 2, Reub got it for me for my b-day, thanks bro. Can't wait for that. Oh crap, how the heck did Zeus get hold of one of Josie's socks? Once again, he's chewing on some clothes, what a crazy pup. Alrighty go time, this game looks nassstyyy

Sunday, December 20, 2009


When I was younger my parents used to make a "to do" list every weekend. I always thought it was such a dorky thing...until now.

They always had things on the list such as "change the lightbulbs" and "bring stuff to the dump". I always wondered why they didn't just do these things instead of take the time to write them on the list.

It turns out making a "to do" list is the most brilliant thing to do. After my first week at my new job I found myself thinking about all the things I wanted to get done that weekend and got so nervous about the thought of forgetting a certain thing. Aha! Make a to-do list!

My list became extremely valuable. I found myself actually worrying about losing it while in Bed Bath and Beyond!

There is nothing like the feeling of crossing something off on your to-do list. I went to bed feeling so accomplished!

Now...what to put on my to-do list next weekend...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I don't understand...

1. The phrase "that is true." I think the first time i heard it said with any frequency was late in high school, but people say it all the time. I mean, why not just say "yea"? (and is that question mark supposed to go inside the quotes? I wouldn't want to put in, because then it seems like the quote itself is "yea?" which is a question, i dunno). It just seems like such a weird thing to say, and people sound so un-natural saying it, like maybe they should have one of those old tobacco pipes hanging out of their mouth while they say it or something. At least that's the mental picture I get.

Even worse than "that is true" is..."THIS is true." What's interesting about this one is that people use it the same way as the first. This doesn't make any sense! If I say "Wow it's cold outside!" and you answer "that is true," then I get that what you are referring to with the word "that" is the statement I made. But when you say "this is true" to my statement, why would you use the word "this"? (again, not sure about that damn question mark placement). People generally say "this" when they are referring to something they are holding or wearing, or something right in front of them (i mean, i guess i can see how people say "this city is huge" though). But if I say something, and you are using "this" to refer to my statement, i just think that "that" is much more appropriate, considering that my statement is not something tangible, not something on your person, etc. It's like if I'm wearing a cool coat, and I say "this jacket is tight!" (obviously by tight, i mean extremely cool, I say this a lot...), you wouldn't say "yea this jacket is," if anything you'd say "yea that jacket is." Clearly this is a very important topic to be discussing, moving on...

2. Negative questions such as "you don't want to grab lunch do you?" The reason I find these weird is that if I answer "yea," that often times is interpreted as me saying "yea I want to grab lunch." And if I answer "no," that is interpreted as "no, I don't want to grab lunch." The problem is that if the question is "you don't want to grab lunch?" then answering with a "yea" would seem to be affirming the question (as in yes, i don't want to grab lunch). No is negating the sentence, saying that it is incorrect (no, i DO want to have lunch). And yet most people answer in the affirmative with a "yea" and the person who asked the question knows that he means "yea I want to have lunch" when what it should mean is "yea, I don't want to have lunch." I guess this is just the way people speak, but it seems odd since I think most people understand what the yes and no answers mean when written, and yet when spoken they take on a different meaning.

3. Prices at little 24-hour shops in the city. They will sell a bag of chips for the same price as at the grocery store, and then i go to buy Oreos and Teddy Grahams (obviously cinnamon) and the total comes out to $13. I mean seriously, wtf. I understand that as the store is open 24 hours, it has a certain convenience to it which should be reflected in the prices, meaning that the prices should increase since the store's hours are so convenient for late night shoppers (I guess that's where "convenience store" comes from, wonder if any of those aren't open 24 hours, if not they must be convenient in other ways). So while I agree the prices should probably be higher at the dinky place next door b/c of the 24 hour availability, why are many of the products sold at the normal price (even when the product doesn't have a price already written on it or anything) and yet some odd products are way more expensive? I would expect uniformity, but who knows what the reasoning is. I went to one of these places and they said it was $10 for a 12 pack of diet pepsi (aka the elixir of life), maybe the guy just didn't like me or something but that is ridiculous!

4. Why are people proud of how much water they drink? Obviously not everyone is, but I find that a lot of people will proudly tell me that they drink X amount of water bottles a day, like I should be impressed. I mean, i guess it's healthy and all, maybe it's just something easy to do that makes people feel good?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shun Lee Delivery!

Elliott's birthday dinner surprise was a success! I was able to keep the secret and he was so surprised when Shun Lee arrived at our door! We scarfed down as much as we could (while discussing how amazing the food was) and still had plenty left to save for tomorrow.

The meal definitely made up for the awful cake I make EVERY year for Elliott's birthday. How hard is it to make an out-of-the-box yellow cake? Apparently really hard...for me. For some reason every time I make this cake something goes wrong.

Last year I decorated the cake with thick red icing. I thought the icing would just glide onto the cake when I wrote "Happy Birthday Elliott". Of course not. When he saw the cake he said "Oh did you have Cameron (my 4 year old cousin) decorate my cake?" "No I did it." "It looks...beautiful!"

This year I didn't wait for the cake to cool so the cake simply crumbled when I tried to frost it. Hey, at least it still tastes good...right?

sleeping on josie's slippers

Yea yea, the floor might appear to be dusty, but it's totally not, must be the camera...right?


I'm supposed to be studying. I've never been one to write down thoughts, but I figure it might be nice to get things off my mind that way I don't annoy Josie so much.

Property exam tomorrow, should be good, who knows what will be on it my professor is pretty crafty. I think I've studied sufficiently, but it's hard to know until I take the test. Even then, I will only really know once I get my grades back, and hopefully I will be happy. Apparently the curve isn't so bad as I would have thought, the average grade is about a B. Half the kids will get above a B, and half will get a B or below. I better get above a B or else that would stink.

Going somewhere with Josie tonight for my b day, she said we are leaving at 7:30 and will only be gone a half hour or so. I'm not sure where we can go, eat, and come back all within half an hour. It's probably half an hour in "Josie time," which in human time can be anywhere from 2 to 200 minutes. I guessed that maybe it was Chipotle or something, like a place that I enjoy and she hates, but apparently not. Maybe it's Cruxley's, a bar Dave took us to that had 10¢ wings that were awesome. That would be cool, but it's about half an hour just to get there, so if that's where we are going then she is nuts if she thinks it's only 30 minutes. Well, I probably shouldn't be guessing because if I do get it right than she isn't going to be happy, which is understandable because it does take the fun out of surprises even for me.

Zeus is making some funny snoring noises, I don't know if it's just schnauzers in general or what, but he is always making weird breathing noises. Still cute though, I never thought I'd be so obsessed with a dog. Good thing I've only taken a million pics of him, wouldn't want to run out of space on my phone or anything.

Oh well, back to work, Josie will be back soon and who knows how much I'll get done anyways, but better try to do something.