Thursday, December 24, 2009


I was really early to work this morning so I thought to myself "I haven't had a bagel in a while...I am going to get a bagel". I was really excited about getting one and thought really hard about what kind (whole wheat), what kind of cream cheese (vegetable), and whether I wanted it toasted (yes). I pay for my bagel and head up to my desk to eat it. I open the tinfoil to see that my bagel is BLACK...burned to a crisp! I thought why in the world would the bagel toasting lady think that I would want my bagel this way? Why wouldn't she just admit she failed and make a new one? I mean I still ate it (of course).

*note: this is not actually my bagel or my eye. this image is from google and by the looks of it she wasn't too happy with her bagel either.

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