Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm supposed to be studying. I've never been one to write down thoughts, but I figure it might be nice to get things off my mind that way I don't annoy Josie so much.

Property exam tomorrow, should be good, who knows what will be on it my professor is pretty crafty. I think I've studied sufficiently, but it's hard to know until I take the test. Even then, I will only really know once I get my grades back, and hopefully I will be happy. Apparently the curve isn't so bad as I would have thought, the average grade is about a B. Half the kids will get above a B, and half will get a B or below. I better get above a B or else that would stink.

Going somewhere with Josie tonight for my b day, she said we are leaving at 7:30 and will only be gone a half hour or so. I'm not sure where we can go, eat, and come back all within half an hour. It's probably half an hour in "Josie time," which in human time can be anywhere from 2 to 200 minutes. I guessed that maybe it was Chipotle or something, like a place that I enjoy and she hates, but apparently not. Maybe it's Cruxley's, a bar Dave took us to that had 10¢ wings that were awesome. That would be cool, but it's about half an hour just to get there, so if that's where we are going then she is nuts if she thinks it's only 30 minutes. Well, I probably shouldn't be guessing because if I do get it right than she isn't going to be happy, which is understandable because it does take the fun out of surprises even for me.

Zeus is making some funny snoring noises, I don't know if it's just schnauzers in general or what, but he is always making weird breathing noises. Still cute though, I never thought I'd be so obsessed with a dog. Good thing I've only taken a million pics of him, wouldn't want to run out of space on my phone or anything.

Oh well, back to work, Josie will be back soon and who knows how much I'll get done anyways, but better try to do something.

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