Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shun Lee Delivery!

Elliott's birthday dinner surprise was a success! I was able to keep the secret and he was so surprised when Shun Lee arrived at our door! We scarfed down as much as we could (while discussing how amazing the food was) and still had plenty left to save for tomorrow.

The meal definitely made up for the awful cake I make EVERY year for Elliott's birthday. How hard is it to make an out-of-the-box yellow cake? Apparently really hard...for me. For some reason every time I make this cake something goes wrong.

Last year I decorated the cake with thick red icing. I thought the icing would just glide onto the cake when I wrote "Happy Birthday Elliott". Of course not. When he saw the cake he said "Oh did you have Cameron (my 4 year old cousin) decorate my cake?" "No I did it." "It looks...beautiful!"

This year I didn't wait for the cake to cool so the cake simply crumbled when I tried to frost it. Hey, at least it still tastes good...right?

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  1. Wow... that cake really does look.... beautiful. Good job on the surprise, really sounds awesome!