Saturday, March 20, 2010

One of my favorite things

I absolutely love walking outside with Elliott and Zeus. Since this is pretty much Zeus' only form of exercise, Elliott and I are forced to walk him twice a day. We have started to really enjoy it, especially since the weather has been so amazing lately. It is great exercise for us and it gives us a chance to explore the city. There are also so many dogs and people to meet out on the street. Zeus has a million friends just on our block!

We are so excited to move to our new neighborhood and start exploring there. We will be right by the East River Walkway which will be a haven for dog play groups in the summer! I have to admit I am pretty nervous about such a big change, but I know it will be amazing once we are settled. We will finally be able to have places for guests to sit! Although I do still love my barbie size red couch...

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  1. Hellooooooooooooooo Uggs ;o) It seems like every time I call you guys you're out walking Zeus. That's great! This past Saturday when I came in it was funny to see Josie hauling through the city with Zeus in tow. Elliott and I had trouble keeping up ;o). Can't wait to see the new place.