Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Finals beard"

As the end of the semester roles around for Elliott he becomes extremely lazy with his grooming habits. Don't get me wrong, he showers quite frequently but he fails to shave his face.

I say "Wow your beard is getting really...long"
He says "Do you want to run your hands through it?"
I say "Not really (gag...I mean I love you)"
He says "It's my finals beard, I will shave it after my last final"
I say "When is your last final?"
He says "In three weeks"

That is pretty much how the conversation went this weekend. I kept cracking homeless man jokes while he chased me around trying to rub his face on me.

Later that night I thought Elliott was shaving. This is what he came out looking like.

We had a good laugh. Then I made him swear he would atleast shave on our wedding day.

We'll see what happens.


  1. ooooh my god. he's just like dad, when dad came down with a hitler mustache.

  2. Well..looks like one son currently MIA and 3 extremely good looking sons left!
    If you can lift a fork..you can lift a razor :)

  3. Megan and I had a similar conversation. When she's pregnant, I get to grow a beard!