Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ok so I admit it, I LOVE gossip...especially celebrity gossip. I love all the trashy gossip websites and magazines but I came across one story today that made me never want to read any of it ever again. In US Weekly there was an article about Jennifer Aniston. I really only like her because of Friends, but the rest of the world seems extremely fascinated with her even though nothing juicy every really happens to her. Anyways, this article focused on her different looks throughout the years. They bashed her for wearing the same pair of pants in 2009 as she did in 1999. Who cares?! I think that is pretty awesome of her to be able to wear pants that she had 10 years ago!! I wouldn't even dare save pants from 10 years ago let alone wear them (i won't even show a picture, I was 12!).

The next part of the article was a series of pictures where she is wearing scarves. They were like "how come Jennifer always wears scarves?!" I personally love scarves, what a great accessory!! Then they quote some "friend" of hers (probably someone who doesn't even know her) saying that Jen is a "germophobe" and she is "constantly afraid of catching a cold". How stupid!! Poor girl!!! She was probably just cold!!!!

Ok I am done ranting...blah tomorrow is Monday :(.

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  1. I won't tell anyone I've seen you with the same jeans..(I may post it in the Westport News)or that I have a picture of you when you were 4 or 5 when your love of polka dots must have started.