Saturday, February 20, 2010

Couple Things

1. Don't you love our new heading!? The lovely Sam Ortega designed it for us and I just love it! It is so playful! You can read her delightfully snarky blog here.

2. My soon to be hubby (yay) is a horrible liar. We all know he is way more obsessed with Zeus than I am. (ok maybe we are the same...).

3. Tomorrow we are going to go to the famous Katz's Deli for deli sandwiches. Will report back for the couple foodies who are reading this.


  1. no one comments on your blog and i love when people comment on mine so i'm leaving you guys a comment! and yesss, i love your new heading. it's adorable. i'm not sure if it's all speculation, but i've heard that you love your fancy...

  2. I love your heading!!!! It looks like it could be a brand or something... hmmmm... ideas brewing. :)