Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day!

What a great day! I came back from CT in the morning to find Zeus in a really cuddly mood and tulips (my favorite) on the counter! Elliott and I spent a lot time brainstorming what we wanted to make for dinner. At first the idea of making something new out of a cookbook was so exciting but then I hinted that I really wanted to make pizza.

So of course we settled on an old reliable (Pops' famous pizza). We decided that if we were going to eat a lot of pizza we should at least work out before so we wouldn't feel like fat slobs afterwords. We (yes we...I am so proud of myself!) took Zeus on a 2 mile run then came back and demolished 2 pizzas...1 for each mile right??

We finished our perfect day by watching HGTV in sweats.

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