Monday, February 1, 2010

Some people might say I like shopping...

Shopping is not just a hobby of mine (ok maybe it is pretty much my only hobby) but a form of therapy. In a way it calms me even though my heart races when I see something I love. I love the comfort of going into familiar stores and the thrill of stumbling upon a new store. Revisiting a store gives me a similar feeling as reconnecting with an old friend. You know what they are all about and you know what sorts of things they carry. When I have nothing to do or am early for an appointment I always think about shopping. I'm like "I must shop!". It's not even that I must buy everything but I always have this urge to see what is out there. You know the people who shout "who are you wearing!" on the red carpet? I would love it if those people were stationed at various corners of the city just so you could know what everyone was wearing. I must keep expanding my fashion knowledge! I live to see what people are wearing!


  1. When I got to the bottom of this post I expected it to say "By Thelma"

    :o) Shopping can be fun

  2. josieee i miss you! i wanna shop with youu